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Tina's Berrykin Collection

These are pictures of my own collection, none of these items are for sale. Enjoy the pics!

Berrykin Princess NRFB front and back of box

Strawberry Shortcake and Strawberrykin
Mint and complete w/hairnet attached
Orange Blossom and Orangeberrykin
Mint and complete w/hairnet attached
Peach Blush and Peachberrykin (prototype)
Mint and Complete
Mint Tulip and Mintberrykin (prototype)
Wearing PP Mint shoes, needs hairbow
Plum Puddin and PlumBerrykin
Mint and complete
Banana Twirl and Banana Berrykin
Mint and complete with hairnet attached
Prototype Berrykins Mint and Peach (sold one of the Peach berrykins to my friend Angie)
These are hand painted and unfinished. The eyes of the two Peach's are different too.
Berrykins Plaque
Found this for 1.00!
Comparison pic of Berry Princess to Barbie
The Princess is much more petite than Barbie. She has a light pink colored torso with white high heels molded on. She is closer to the size of Lady Lovely Locks but has a skinnier waist. Her back is marked Made in China and the back of her head is marked AGC '85.
Berry Princess dress up close
The underskirt has little pockets for the Berrykins to hide in! :)
Berrykins Porcelain ornament set MIB
The box is laying on the scanner so they are hanging funny :)
Upclose scan of Berrykin ornaments