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Strawberry BonkersA great site for new collectors to identify shoe styles, HTF items and other great info!
Desiree's SSC page
Faye's SSC site A great place to see pics of other collectors as well as SSC for sale and other toys!
Megan's SSC site My Berry Buddy Megan's SSC site
SSC Restoration and Cleaning Laurel's SSC page
Star's SSC site She's my berry buddy! Check out her SSC page!
MintBerrykin's SSC site An awesome SSC information site!!

Berry Cute Site A great place to find SSC clipart
Adline's SSC pages Check out her SSC customs!
Diane's DollsShe has TONS of SSC for sale!!
Heather's SSC pageLots of Information and pics
Winona's SSC pageShe has lots of info about the new SSC!
Dee's Dolls and ToysA Masterpiece in the making!! :)