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Glo Friends
Glo Friends are the best friends of Glo Worm! They lived in a special little place called Glo Land. There were several Glo Friends and they were made into these cute little finger puppet toys! They were made by Hasbro and Playskool. I have collected them all and they are all pictured here. This is my personal collection and they are not for sale. I do however have others for sale often so please check out the Toys for sale page for a complete list.
To make faster loading pages to view I have redone this page without pics. If you would like to see the individual pics of each bug just click on the name of the bug you would like to see. Hope this works better for everyone!! Thanks!

Holds up to 12 Glo Friends
Glo Friends made by FunskoolThese are made from the same molds as GF's but are a softer plastic and they squeak!
Comparison pic with Waterbug and Sluggerbug
They are even the same size!