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Misc Mugs

Here are some additional mugs in the Strawberry Shortcake collection:

You're the Berries mug
Pretty common
Love is the Treat that's Extra Sweet
footed ceramic mug, easy to find

Life is Delicious mug
footed ceramic mug, easy to find
Sledding mug
kinda hard to find
other side of sledding mug
Raised picture mug
I don't know anything about this mug, if you know anything about it please email me!
Tall Plastic mug
Hard to Find
Strawberry Shortcake figural "face" mug
Raspberry Tart figural "face" mug
Blueberry Muffin figural "face" mug
Deka plastic child's mug
Very Common
Berry Cool Ceramic mug
New in Stores
Small porcelain mug with saucer
This appears to be handmade
Mug from Mexico
Says Rosita Fresita and dated 1983, Lily Ledy on back
RARE Ceramic Mug from Brazil

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