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Strawberry Shortcake Preschool Toys

There were several toy sets made specifically for Preschoolers.
My favorite is the Sit and Spin! What is yours?

Sweet Scents Kitchen
The set originally came with 15 pieces:
Scented pretend food: Apple pie, strawberries, and gingerbread
Pie tin
Sauce pan
Loaf pan
Two each of these: knives, forks, spoons, and plates
I have this set loose and MIB

This is my Sit-n-spin!
Isn't it cute!

I have tried to ride it,
but I think I am too big. hehe
The Teaching Clock
Still need this one
Berry Grown Up Purse
I have this set loose and MIB
Music Box Radio
This is so cute! It has pictures
of all of the characters including
Peach Blush that go around inside
while playing "Today's the perfect Place to be".
Hello SSC
Telephone Talking Toy

SSC and her friends talk to you!
Give a Show Projector
Still need this one...
These were made for many years
and in several different characters.
pic coming.............
Apple Pullstring Music Box
I will buy the items shown here that I do not have. I also buy SSC character Baby clothes and accesories. Email me if you have anything you think I may be interested in.