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Last updated Jan 06, 2012

Care Bears (Vintage)-
13" Plush Bears and Cousins:

Funshine Bear 5.00
Bedtime Bear 4.00
Bedtime Bear #2 4.00
Friend Bear 4.00
Share Bear 6.00
Tenderheart Bear 4.00
Goodluck Bear 6.00
Gentleheart Lamb 4.00
Baby Hugs 5.00
LoveALot Bear 4.00
Cheer Bear 4.00
Birthday Bear Cake Pan 4.00

Care Bears (New Releases)-
13" Plush Bears and Cousins:
Cozy Heart Penquin 4.00


Rainbow Brite (Vintage)-

Rainbow Brite (New Releases)-


My Little Pony (Vintage)-

Holly Hobbie-

My Child-
Strawberry Shortcake-
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HeMan (Vintage)-

Alvin and the Chipmunks-

Cabbage Patch Kids-

Misc Items-
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