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My Want Lists
Here is my list of items I am searching for. I will buy or trade for these items. Thanks!

  • Strawberry Shortcake Wants
    Peach Blush under the trellis complete
  • Dolls and pets
    Almost any dolls still in the boxes, I have some but always welcome more lol
    Any Berrykin dolls and their berrykin critters
  • Ragdolls-
    small plush Hopsalot with collar
    large plush Hopsalot with collar
    large plush Pupcake with collar
    large plush Custard with collar
    large plush Melonie Belle with collar
    small plush Rhubarb
    small plush Marmalade
    Any foreign (Mexican, Quatamalan, Brazilian) ragdolls
  • Other SSC items-
    Vintage baby items! (sleepers, bedding-crib size)
    Vintage Ornaments
    14KT Gold vintage charms
    Piano Music box-must work
    Kitchen accessories like spice rack, pot holders, hand towels ect
    Any flowered glasses
    Porcelain plate, cup and saucer set
    Mugs- any England Excl. mugs, porcelain teacups ect that I don't have
    I will also buy lots of dolls or entire collections, email me if you are looking to sell

  • Barbie-1980's
    Western Winkin' Barbie-must have complete outfit
    Crystal Barbie- Need just need her stole

  • Misc-
    My Child Dolls
    Watchimals brown bear watch MIB
    Glo Friends and sleeping bags for them
    Punky Brewster PVC's

    Please email me if you have any of these items for sale or trade. Thanks so much!!
    Tina Hudgens
    Updated 09-26-05